Thomas House Overnight Ghost Hunt September

By Ghost Hunt Weekends (other events)

2 Dates Through Sep 22, 2013

Ever wanted to stay the night in a Haunted Hotel? Here is your chance to join the Ghost Hunt Weekends team on no other than the most paranormal  and superstitous of nights Halloween, at the notoriously haunted Thomas House Hotel. Your host, Paranormal Researcher and Author Chad Morin will guide you. This event includes your Lodging, Meals, Fully Guided Tours of the property, Ghost Hunting Training and a full night of ghost hunting!


Moving Beds, Dark Figures, Cold Spots, Disembodied Voices and Feelings of Terror are experienced regularly here. Built in 1890, as a resort spa to the elite, it has been witness to 3 fires, deaths, numerous murders, accidents and even a one time home for a cult. The location also sits atop an underground spring and limestone, is on the intersect of two creeks and a crossroad and also sits on the path of an ancient Indian Trail. This location should keep even the most seasoned ghost hunter on their guard.


This event is a one night event so choose either Friday or Saturday.


A&E Channel's Paranormal State and SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters investigated this location with several terrifying findings, and Ghost Hunt Weekends hosted Steve Gonsalves and Amy Bruni from Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunters for an event here with similar experiences.

This is an event not to be missed, whether you are new to ghost hunting, just curious, looking for a thrilling night or an avid ghost hunter, you will be well cared for by the Ghost Hunt Weekends Team

Your Package Includes:

* Overnight Accommodations at the Thomas House Hotel!
* Full Dinner
* History and Hauntings Tour of Location!
* Ghost Hunt Classes and Presentations by Ghost Hunt Weekends host Chad Morin!
* Full Night of Ghost Hunting!
* Midnight Snack Buffet!
* Full Breakfast in the morning!

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